About Us

We sell Latex Mattresses – lots of them. To complement the mattress sales, we also sell Latex Pillows, Mattress Pads, and Mattress Foundations.

We are located in Anaheim, California. Our showroom is 20 miles Southeast of Los Angeles and is within 40 miles of nearly every suburb in the LA Metropolitan Area.

For the people who like stats, 27% of our orders are shipped to the East Coast, 30% to the Midwest & Middle America, and 43% to the West Coast (24% Showroom, 19% non-Showroom). The top 5 states are: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Virginia. We feel honored that our mattresses are in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Foam Sweet Foam began in 1982 as a supplier of foam to upholstery shops and manufacturers. Even though we have been selling foam mattresses for more than 30 years, it was not our main focus until we launched our first web site in 1996 and began selling foam products to the general public. The continual growth of the internet sales has shifted our focus to E-Commerce. In 2013, internet and showroom transactions accounted for more than 97% of our total sales.

1982 Foam Sweet Foam began on March 27

1982-1995 From the beginning through 1995, our primary focus was selling foam to small manufacturers and upholstery shops.

1996-2004 In 1996 we posted our first web site which generated a few orders. The next year there were more orders, in 1998 a lot more orders, and in 1999 our internet sales were 500% higher than in the previous year. This incredible growth continued through 2004. Looking back, we feel the ramping up of the mortgage crisis partially contributed to this growth. Many people were flush with cash and spending it any way they felt inclined.

2005-2006 Because of the online sales growth, we retreated from the wholesale side of the business and focused on selling mattresses via E-Commerce. We still maintain some manufacturers as customers, but they represent less than 3% of our total sales.

2007 March 27 was a big day for us. We celebrated 25 years in business.

2009 In July, we opened a new store with a showroom in Irvine, California.

2010 Because of the success of our Irvine store, we bought a larger building in nearby Lake Forest. This enabled us to triple our showroom displays and add more office space.

2012 was a blur.  In March, we celebrated 30 years in business.  In July, we sold our building in Lake Forest and bought a larger building in Fullerton.  At the same time, we opened a new showroom in Downtown Anaheim.  This is the first time our showroom is not at the same location as the rest of the business.  It is our intent to make this Anaheim showroom the first of many and to use the Fullerton facility for the fulfillment of orders for as many showrooms as growth permits.  Oh, and while all this moving was going on, we had a record year.  THANKS!