Customer Reviews

We've had the mattress for about 6 months now and love it.  After years of sleeping on a memory foam topper this is a real treat.  I had no idea there could be such a difference.  Love the way the latex sinks in and bounces back when I move.

Thank you so much for answering my endless questions with such patience.  Your recommended layers are perfect for me and my husband and as a night owl I now look forward to going to sleep.  I really could go on and on about how great this mattress is.  Thanks again for everything!

Carol - New Jersey

A couple of senior citizens have never had such a great mattress!  After 51 years together we've slept on several and this one is by far the best!  We've been sleeping on our bed for over a month now and can't believe how great we feel. The only downside is having to get out of bed since it is so comfortable. It was a challenge to put together, the firm layers are so heavy, but we managed. Truth be told, we actually enlisted the help of a friend to help us since moving the layers was so challenging.  It took a while to assemble but was so worth the work!   Our regular morning back aches disappeared.  So did the night time stuffy nose and sneezing. What a great product. The firmness is perfect and neither of us feels any movement when the other turns over. You have testimonials from many previous customers so we thought we would add ours. Everything you advertise is exactly right about comfort, no off gassing odors, cool sleeping , etc.  We won't be trying the return policy. We are extremely satisfied customers!  

Melody - Texas

I bought the mattress in January and was very happy with both the mattress and the customer service. I have been waiting for the temperatures to get to 90 degrees in Minnesota, so I could see how comfortable my sleep would be with high humidity and heat (I don't have air conditioning). Last night it was 77 degrees in the house and the latex foam was cool as could be. I couldn't believe the difference between natural latex and the synthetic memory foam that I used to have. Bravo Foam Sweet Foam for such a wonderful comfortable product! Thank-you! 

Sharell - Minnesota

I've been meaning to email you for some time to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with the mattress we purchased from you.  I don't frequently write reviews, but I do rely on them when making an online purchase.  I'm always skeptical of good reviews that are made soon after a product is purchased.  I like to know how a product is performing over time, so I thought I would let you know how happy we are after some time has passed. We purchased our mattress nearly two years ago, and we are nothing but pleased with it.  We ordered a three-layer latex mattress.  The top is soft Talalay, the middle is medium organic Dunlap, and the bottom is firm organic Dunlap.  We had never seen a latex mattress, but we were interested in one because we are not big fans of the chemicals used to treat a conventional mattress. So we drove an hour and a half to the showroom of a different dealer, where a very sincere couple tried to sell us basically the same mattress for significantly more money.  They also insisted that we would need specialized support under it because of the weight of the latex.  We were impressed with the latex mattress, but overwhelmed by the cost, so we decided to look online.  A search engine brought us to Foam Sweet Foam.  After speaking on the phone with one of your sales representatives, who assured us that a regular box springs could handle the mattress, we decided to order from you.  It was a big investment for our financially challenged family, but we have never regretted it.  It was one of the best large purchases we have made and is undoubtedly the one we use the most!  Two years later, the only complaint I have is that sleeping anywhere else is a drag because we don't have our mattress!  If any potential customers are hesitating because they are not sure that the purchase is worth the extra cost, I want to reassure them that a latex mattress is worth it.  It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in and I wake up feeling so much better than I used to on our old conventional mattress.  Just as an aside, we also ordered two latex pillows with our mattress.  The pillows were much thicker and firmer than the feather pillow I was used to sleeping on, and they held my head up at an awkward angle.  Since I like the feel of a feather pillow, which you can shift around and bunch up to suit your needs, I grabbed my scissors and shredded about half the latex with a pair of scissors and put it in the zippered slip case.  Now I have a latex pillow that behaves like a feather pillow, and, if it wears out, I'll shred the other half!  Thanks for making out nights much more comfortable.

Heather - Pennsylvania

The new mattress is working great!  We appreciate all of your help.  Foam Sweet Foam will be our go to for all of our family’s mattress needs from now on! I never imagined I could buy a mattress sight unseen and been more pleased.  Wow is all I can say.  You run a great business – others should take note.  Again thank you for a mattress that leaves me pain free!

Tiffany - Louisiana

We are so quick to offer criticism and rarely do we take the time to compliment good products. For the past 3.5 years I would wake up in the middle of most nights with terrible aches in my left leg and hip - sometimes it would keep me up for 2-3 hours.  My mattress had been replaced only about a year ago and this problem still persisted. I remember sitting on my friends bed once and saying to her, "Wow this mattress is awesome." She told me it was made by "Foam Sweet Foam." My first thought was, "What a great name" and my second thought was, "I've never heard of them." She told me they were pretty much an online order only company which was a bit funny to me as usually you like to test your mattress before buying as it is a big investment considering the amount of time spent sleeping on one. Finally after one sleepless night I told myself, "I have to do something about this." I called Foam Sweet Foam and on a leap of faith, I talked to their customer service and they helped me choose a bed that was right for me.  My layers from the bottom to the top are: talalay extra firm, talalay firm, talalay medium, and then talalay soft and it's PERFECT for me.  Since my first night sleeping on this bed (it's been since mid-July) I have not woken up once with leg pain and my husband says it's the best sleep he has had. For me, going to bed now is a joy not a dread. I can't say enough good things about this mattress and company.  If you’re not sure what is the right combination for you, call them and they will walk you through it! Heidi was a delight to work with and we appreciate her help with giving us the best sleep.

Cathy - Orange County, CA

The customer service is excellent, and they are very helpful about exactly what to order. Their website is very informative, and then when I still had questions, they were so helpful on the phone. The mattress is extremely comfortable. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia so I needed a comfortable mattress, and this one delivers. For the first time in years, I have slept through the night for last 4 nights without waking up in extreme pain! Love it!!!

Becky - Texas

We've been sleeping on our new latex mattresses for a couple of weeks now and I just have to let you know that we've been sleeping better than we have in years.  Maybe ever!  The mattresses are incredibly comfortable and the whole buying experience has been wonderful.  I'll admit it was a little scary at first.  It's a large investment and we've never made such a large purchase online before. But Scott was very helpful in answering my questions, before I placed the order.   Please let everyone know that this has been a wonderful experience and we love Urban Green Mattress!

Sandi - West Virginia

Thanks.  This is the most spectacularly comfortable mattress I have slept on in the past 75 years. How many other customers can make that statement? 
Marc – Virginia

OWNERS NOTE: This was a random email we received.  We looked up when he bought it and saw that he purchased from us 9 years ago. We are honored that after sleeping on our mattress for 9 years, he still feels that this is the best mattress he has ever slept on.
For those of you may have tried a softer layer combination at a latex bed showroom, I want to share my experience with you.  After trying a latex bed at another latex retailer, I did some research online because other stores that carry latex are so expensive and you can’t return any layers!  The bed I tried was the Soft Talalay, Medium Dunlop, Firm Dunlop and I thought I was in love.  I originally thought I wanted a firm bed until I tried that combination. The soft Talalay felt so cozy in the showroom.  When I found Foam Sweet Foam was selling the same mattresses at a significant savings, there was no doubt I was going with FSF!  After speaking with Scott, I decided to order the same combination that I tried at another store.  After a few weeks of changing layers around because I was waking up stiff, I realized I DID need a firmer bed.  I ultimately ended up having to switch out the soft Talalay with an extra firm Dunlop.  I now have medium, firm and extra firm all in Dunlop.  I actually have the medium on the bottom, then extra firm, then firm.  I love my firm bed!!  I may try moving the medium to the top layer now that I have 2 firm layers underneath, but for now, I am a happy customer!!  No more back pain!!  And thank you Scott, for your patience and customer service!
Shelly :) - Maryland
OK, I can’t believe the difference this mattress has made in just three nights. I was waking up every morning with shoulder and hip pain, but I have been pain free since sleeping on your latex mattress. Thanks for the great service!
Karen – Charlotte, North Carolina
We just wanted to tell you that our California King Latex mattress is terrific. It took a few days to adjust to the feeling that we were floating and once we did adjust, we realized that it is bliss.

We want to compliment you again on the logical system you have for selecting the components of a mattress system.  We had been confused in several other showrooms, but your system and the layout of your beautiful showroom took the stress out of decision making. Your recommended firmness for the three different natural Talalay layers in your ten inch mattress turned out to be perfect.
Best wishes,
Richard & Ruth – San Diego
I know you were aware that I was a nervous wreck about ordering a bed that I did not see or lay on prior to purchase and have considered ordering for over 2 years. This was mainly due to my husband’s skepticism. It is with great relief that I write this note and wish I had not waited so long to order.

I find the bed extremely comfortable.  I no longer wake up with joint pain. Thank you for your assistance and suggestions for the foam density. I made an adjustment in the order of the layers on my husband’s side of the bed and that firmed it up enough for him.  Peace and comfort at last!

With gratitude,
Karen – New York
Thank you so much. I am in heaven on my mattress and the frame is perfect. The frame and mattress is high enough so that I do not have to add extra height. Thank you for you help and kind service.
June – Santa Barbara, CA
I just wanted to say thank you. My Urban Green Mattress was delivered last Friday. I have been sleeping better than ever. My husband is also very impressed. He could not imagine it being comfortable, but woke up without back pain for the first time in years. The only problem is we don’t want to get out of bed now! It was also a pleasure dealing with your company when I called with a question. Thanks again for a wonderful product. I may being ordering another mattress soon. My son loves it and wants one of his own.
Nicole – East Quogue, NY
This mattress is absolute heaven! I couldn’t be more pleased! No more tossing and turning, no more numb shoulders and hips! Your pricing, super-fast delivery, and top quality products are greatly appreciated! Did I mention that the pillows are also wonderful? 
I could go on for pages and pages . .. . But oh, how I love that mattress — even better than the $9,000 one I tried at a fancy retail shop in NYC (but that mattress only had 7″ of latex and mine has 12″!!!).  I’ve been singing your praises to everyone who will listen.
Jenny S. – Westin, Connecticut
I have a huge complaint about the mattress which I bought from you over 2 years ago. It is hard to get up in the morning! It used to be easy to get up in the morning because it was more painful (Fibromyalgia) to stay in bed. Now it is the coziest, most restful, almost pain free place to be. From the beginning there was a dramatic improvement in my sleep & a significant reduction in the level of Fibromyalgia pain throughout the day. My health is still improving.

Thank You!  Love My Foam Sweet Foam Mattress

Susan – Massachusetts
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve had my Urban Green for over a year and a half and I’m still loving it every time I go to sleep. This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on and I will never let it go!

I’ve referred several friends and they are now happy customers too. When I bought the mattress I shopped around and FSF had the best prices on natural latex and a lot of free helpful information. I was a little leery about ordering a mattress online but I’m here to let you know how great the service was, from quick shipping, unpacking, and the quality of the product.

Thank You!
Benjamin S. – Portland, Oregon
Thanks for everything, we really like the mattress! I’m taking far less ibuprofen than I used to and fewer Chiropractor visits as well. All in all we couldn’t be happier with the purchase, both with the product and your excellent service.

Thanks Again,
Joel – Wisconsin
The foam arrived today (Friday) in good shape. I really appreciate your follow up and the timely delivery of the foam. The piece fit perfectly in the space where we had a Soma waterbed. This is our 5th foam piece from you and we have been very pleased with your service and product.
Greg – Seaford, Delaware
We already had a latex foam mattress that we purchased over 20 years ago (locally) and it was in great condition. I would say it is probably an extra firm. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and in 2008 decided I needed a latex foam mattress for my daybed in the living room. I researched the latex foam mattresses available.  The “name brands” might have latex foam in them, but the ones I researched had these 2-3 inch “topper” layer of various materials. I know that to enjoy the latex foam to the fullest, the least amount of material should be between you and the latex foam. Then I found your website. I was hesitant to purchase online, but your rating and membership in the BBB persuaded me. I purchased an Urban Green. What a mattress!!! Over the last 2 years I found myself sleeping more and more on the daybed. Finally 2 weeks ago, I purchased an Urban Green queen for the bedroom. I have had it for a week now and can say it’s just as wonderful as the daybed. It’s like sleeping on a cloud – I use the medium firmness at the top. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Sylvia – South Carolina
The decision to buy was a long one, well thought out for value, and to get what I really wanted/needed. Took 3 nights to realize I was waking up almost pain free after years of sleeping fitfully, if at all.  I told my family if the house burns down, they will see me on the news pulling my mattress to safety! Thank you.
Jennifer – West Allis, Wisconsin
Thanks again, so much! You guys are the epitome of excellent customer service!! If you ever need an endorsement to post on your website, just let me know.

Foam Sweet Foam is amongst the best of the companies I have ever dealt with. Not only do they have a superb product at marvelous prices, but their customer service is fabulous. They are friendly, accommodating, informative, trustworthy, patient, and simply fun to deal with…. quite a bargain in today’s world! I give the highest of recommendations to these folks.
Sherilyn – Hawaii
This is our second mattress purchase from Foam Sweet Foam. We have enjoyed our first mattress so much that we are now buying one for another home we use in the summer. I may buy a third one for another vacation home. Your service was wonderful and it was good to do business with you and we are now a return customer.
Melvin – Huntersville, North Carolina
This new mattress is great, and a very timely delivery. We ordered it late Sunday night and it arrived Thurs. afternoon to our home in Arkansas. It was very cool unpacking it too. Sometimes after a long day, I go to bed with hip pain and am very pleasantly surprised that it is completely gone when I get up in the am. On the first morning after sleeping on it the first time, I sat up slowly and noticed there wasn’t the usual lower back and hip pain. I was able to stand upright quickly and walk without any pain. It is great. My mother in law wants an adjustable frame that reclines and sits up. Do you have a mattress for that application?
Margaret – Arkansas
Just wanted to let you know that we love our bed. I am very glad we decided to order the bed as eight separate pieces (King), which allowed me to get the right layer configuration on each side of the bed. It’s great to be able to sleep on my side or back without waking up and feeling like I have to move to get comfortable. Also, the pillows are AWESOME! Thanks also for delivering the bed as you did. Great customer service!
Debi – Fountain Valley, California
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a few weeks now to let you know how very happy I am with my bed. The only problem is that I travel a lot, and sleeping on a lumpy spring mattress is like torture now. I have to take Tylenol PM just so that I can fall asleep.

Thank you so much.
Kim – Quincy, Massachusetts
Got the bed Monday – you guys are amazing!
Husband (who has disk issues in neck) said for the first time in months his arm didn’t go numb during the night! Yay!

Thanks so much.
Kathy – Seattle, Washington
Hello! I have two questions but first, I absolutely cannot get to them without offering some kudos… I purchased a FSF King-sized Urban Green mattress in December of 2006. I can honestly say I would not be able to function without it! I have hip, neck, and back problems and suffered with regular headaches from awakening in the morning on any day when I didn’t sleep “just right” before I bought a mattress from you. When I was pregnant with each of my first two children I was in agony as I went through pregnancy…I couldn’t sleep and needed physical therapy to help with the pain. Then I bought a FSF mattress. The first night I slept on it I actually awoke in the morning in the exact same position in which I’d fallen asleep…and pain free…Amazing. My hips stopped hurting and my sciatica went away. Then I got pregnant again and discovered I was going to have twins. It was the ultimate test. Not only did I not need physical therapy during my pregnancy, but I was actually pain free and slept well every night (with the obligatory bathroom trips of course)! Thank you!

OK…now my two questions . . .
Lisa – Georgia
The mattress is fantastic. Never slept better in my life. Lou calls me in the morning to make sure I’m out of bed. I’m not! I get some coffee and get right back in. Nice.  I expect that Joe and wife will love theirs, too.
Thanks so much. Good night!
Ron – Pennsylvania
This is a quick note of thanks for your speedy shipping, and your great products. Our most recent order was for latex pillows and they are an answer to prayer for my husband! He sleeps so much better now, without the neck pain that he has had for years from sleeping on department store products.
We are returning, and very satisfied customers. We purchased mattresses in 2001 and 2003 for our antique beds, and they are even more comfortable now than the day we received them! If we had known then what a difference the pillows would make, we would have ordered them then, as well!
Thanks, again, for your wonderful products, very competitive pricing, great customer service, and very fast shipping!
Molly H. – Florida
I recently purchased my new Latex mattress from you. To my amazement, it arrived in two days. After spending almost 10 hours to empty my waterbed, fold it and put it back in it’s shipping carton and then lug the latex in the bedroom, get the pieces situated in my pillow top cover and finally getting the sheets on, I just dropped on the bed. My first and only thought was: Oh no, it’s too firm!  Well, 10 hours later I woke up, feeling just great. I have severe back problems and also Fibromyalgia. I had an Airbed, hated it. Then recently ordered the waterbed, hated it. The Latex bed was my next try.
I have not had 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep in about 6 years, I could not believe I slept that long. Of course I then decided it was the exhaustion of fighting with the waterbed and then the foam. I had no one to help me and am not exactly young anymore. Well, the following night I again slept almost 10 hours, waking up in less pain than I have in ages.

Since those first two days I have experienced nothing but good uninterrupted sleep and was even able to cut down on my pain medication at night.  So, again, THANK YOU for my wonderful Latex bed, for working with me on the selection and just generally being very nice and easy to do business with. You guys are fantastic…terrific service and a great product. I still sleep like a baby, and that is difficult after four back surgeries and Fibro. EVERY Fibromite should sleep on Latex!!!!
Ingrid – Newport News, VA
So happy to find you on Google! I have done much research and you offer a cool savings of $500.00 on what I found elsewhere of the same quality! Your customer service excels! Thank you SO much!
Charlene – California
I just wanted to thank you for the swift and dependable service. We are very happy with our new California King mattress. It was perfectly timed to arrive on the same day as our new bed. Perfect. I am sleeping better than I have for a long time.

Thanks again.
Dorothy – Ojai, California
After a couple of weeks on our new Natural Plus, we now know that we would never go back to another conventional mattress again! Even after the first night, I found that I had no back pain or stiffness.

Thanks for the bed, the price, and the speedy delivery.
Rick – Philadelphia
You have been wonderful to work with. The kids are looking forward to us saving up the money and getting them new foam beds too! My parents also tried it out while we were gone and they fell in love . . . . both slept 1.5 hours longer than normal and woke up without pain! They will be contacting you soon!
Thanks for running a great company with a great product and wonderful customer service!
Brenda – Washington
We have been sleeping on our new Latex bed (the 10″) for 4 nights and absolutely LOVE it. No more back pain and/or waking up during the night tossing and turning. It was a blast watching the foam ‘inhale’ when we removed the plastic. I am recommending your company to anyone who will listen. Your idea of separate 3″ layers was super, as each purchaser can comfort fit the mattress to their needs. Also, the packages are easier to move from one room to another or upstairs. I wish we would have bought a latex bed years ago rather than spending money on innerspring mattresses that didn’t work.
Thank you.
Pat and Rick  – Texas
I wanted to let you know that my latex travel pillow just arrived and I could not be happier.  It was almost impossible to find a latex travel pillow that wasn’t shredded latex or made in memory-foam-style curved shape.
When I found your site and called to verify that it was in fact not one of those, I was excited. And now, I’m totally thrilled. It’s fantastic. A real pillow made small enough for me to take it on a plane and anywhere I travel so I will always be able to sleep. Thanks so much.
Leslie – San Francisco
Belated thanks for the great mattress! It’s everything we hoped for….so comfortable – no more waking up with creaking backs. Whole nights of complete deep, lovely sleep. We love it! The one down-side to this fabulous mattress, is that I never want to get up off it!! Thanks also to the transport company – Lynden Transport. They were very helpful delivering the mattress to our boat. Happy New Year to you all!
Justyna K. – Ouzinkie, Alaska
OWNER’S NOTE: This was one of the more unique deliveries we have arranged. Ouzinkie (population 200) is on an island not far from Kodiak. There are no street names, addresses, or bridge to get to the island. We shipped the mattress via Lynden Transport to their Kodiak facility. Justyna’s husband, who is a commercial fisherman, took his boat to Kodiak where Lynden Transport met him at the doc