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  • Information about Foam

    There are many properties of foam. The two most important are Density and ILD. Density is nothing more than how much a piece of foam weighs. It is determined by taking a cubic foot of foam (12" x 12" x 12") and weighing it. If the foam cube weighs 5 pounds, the density is 5.0. If it weighs 2.5 pounds, the density is 2.5. The higher the density, the longer the foam should last.

    ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection and refers to the firmness of a piece of foam. The lab puts a 4" x 15" x 15" piece of foam on a flat surface. Then a round metal plate, 8" in diameter, pushes down on that piece of foam. The amount of pounds of pressure it takes to squeeze the 4" piece of foam to 3 inches (25% compression) is referred to as the ILD. A low ILD, such as 14, doesn't offer much resistance and is an extremely soft piece of foam. One that takes 44 pounds of pressure is an extra firm piece of foam. Generally speaking, ILD's of 14-22 are considered soft, 23-29 are medium, 30-37 are firm, and 38+ are considered extra firm. The comfort range for most people is 25-35.

    Foam does soften slightly with regular use. Foam Types – Polyurethane foam and Latex foam are the two types primarily used in the furniture industry for cushions and mattresses. Polyurethane foam is made by mixing various petroleum based chemicals. The most popular types of polyurethanes are Visco Elastic (Memory) Foam and High Resilient Foam. Latex foam is made by using the milky white liquid from the rubber tree. The most popular types of Latex are Talalay and Dunlop. Even though polyurethane is a cost effective alternative to Latex, it is not a natural product, is not as comfortable, and will not last as long.

  • Information about Latex

    Latex is derived from the rubber tree. It is a natural, biodegradable material that is inherently anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and dust mite free. Latex inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. This makes it the best option for health conscious consumers and those who suffer from allergies. We have not seen a foam product that comes close to the quality and resilience of Latex.

    Latex starts as a milky white liquid composed of rubber, dispersed in water. This material is whipped with air to form foam, which is frozen in place to make the Latex core. The Latex core has a pin-core construction with hundreds of tiny air channels. Because of this natural ventilation, it provides more breathability, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The density of the Latex core is approximately 4.5 pounds per cubic foot. More weight means longer life. It is available in Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm. There is no resilience like Latex. If you have slept a night on it, you know.

    The two main types of Latex are Talalay and Dunlop. These names refer to the manufacturing process in which they are made. The liquid Latex that goes into each can be 100% natural or a blended mix. This gives you many choices. We sell the 100% Natural Talalay which is a very sophisticated hi tech manufacturing process as well as the 100% Natural Dunlop.  Talalay Latex is very resilient, very cushy, and very comfortable. Dunlop is the more traditional method of manufacturing. In the past 10 years, Dunlop Latex has progressed to the point where it nearly emulates the resilience of Talalay.

  • Specifications of our Latex

    Below is a table of the latex specs we carry:

  • Certifications of our Latex

    Below are certifications for the 100% Natural Dunlop latex we carry:

    Below are certifications for the 100% Natural Talalay latex we carry:



  • What is Mini-Stack?

    With our MINI-STACK system, you can buy a mattress that has 3, 4 or 5 layers of 3" Latex. Since we do not glue these layers to each other, it gives the customer the ability to rearrange the layers within the zippered mattress cover. This allows multiple configuration options to get the comfort needed for a restful night's sleep.  The MINI-STACK system has nearly eliminated the need to exchange a layer, which is a good thing for both the customer and us.

  • Will the layers shift or slide within the mattress?

    The quilted mattress cover encases the Latex and holds the layers in place. Because of the friction of the Latex and the snugness of the cover, these layers will not move or slide once the mattress is zipped.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

  • Decision #1: Three, Four or Five Layers

    The elegant cotton/wool cover adds 1/2" to the top and the bottom, thus adding an inch of thickness to this 2 sided mattress.

    • 10" (3 layers) - 6 possible configurations (18% of sales)
      • People who want a somewhat firm to very firm mattress
      • People who have few or no aches or pains
      • People who are on a semi tight budget
    • 13" (4 layers) - 24 possible configurations (70% of sales)
      • People who want the most comfort in relation to the price
      • People who go to bed in pain
    • 16" (5 layers) - 120 possible configurations (12% of sales)
      • People who want the biggest and best
      • People who need a mattress to complement their beautiful bedroom set
      • People who want the very best shot at comfort
  • Decision #2: 100% Natural Talalay or 100% Natural Dunlop (or both)

    You may have noticed the websites that recommend only Talalay don't sell Dunlop AND the sites that recommend only Dunlop don't sell Talalay.

    We have been selling Latex mattresses for nearly 19 years and have seen the quality of Dunlop evolve into a major component in the mattress industry. High quality Talalay and Dunlop are equal in performance and longevity. It comes down to personal preference:

    Least Expensive: 100% Natural Dunlop
    Most Resilient, Most Giving, Cushiest: 100% Natural Talalay

    We suggest that you use the attributes of each to your advantage. We recommend having the bottom two layers 100% Natural Dunlop (usually with X Firm & Firm) and the top layer Talalay (either soft or medium). If you get a 4 or 5 layer mattress, you can tweak the middle layers to your comfort needs. More Talalay, more cushy. More Dunlop, more rigid.

    Here is what we suggest (from top to bottom):

    • 3 Layers: Talalay | T or D | Dunlop
    • 4 Layers: Talalay | T or D | Dunlop | Dunlop
    • 5 Layers: Talalay | Talalay | T or D | Dunlop | Dunlop

  • Decision #3: Soft, Medium, Firm, X Firm, or XX Firm

    When buying a 3 layer (10") mattress, the most common choice is Med/Firm/X Firm. It will feel somewhat firm, so we suggest getting a Soft top layer if you don't like it firm. If you want it Super firm, we suggest getting Firm/XX Firm/XX Firm.

    The 4 layer (13") mattress is our best seller. Most people get Med/Med/Firm/X Firm. The 2nd most common choice is Soft/Med/Firm/X Firm. These 2 configurations are 70% of what we sell. If your weight is 300+ we suggest Firm/X Firm/XX Firm/XX Firm.

    If you are buying a 5 layer (16") mattress, it is usually because you want it plush. Most people buy one of two configurations: Soft/Med/Med/Firm/X Firm or Med/Med/Firm/Firm/X Firm. If you want it real firm, you do not need a 5 layer mattress.

    Advice: When choosing the layers, keep in mind that once you have the mattress, you can make it firmer (by re-arranging the layers), but you cannot make it softer. Feel free to call us @ 800.452.6114 for our suggestions.

  • Decision #4: Foundation or no Foundation

    Our mattresses do not need a foundation for support. If you have a Platform Bed or Captain's Bed, you can place it directly on the slats or plywood. If you need an extra 6-10 inches to achieve the desired height, you can use your current box spring or foundation as long as it doesn't sag.

  • Decision #5: Mattress Pad: Yes or No?

    YES. You need to protect this major purchase from animals, children, spills, and yourself. We sell two types of mattress pads. Both are machine washable.

    The Urban Green Natural mattress pad is made with a 1/2" layer of Joma wool quilted between two layers of 100% Natural cotton fabric. Not only will the wool add a little plushness to the top of your mattress, it will also wick small spills and sweat. We started manufacturing this product in response to customer feedback, one of which said, "After spending this amount of money to buy a mattress that is totally natural, why would I want to put a polyester mattress pad on my bed?"

    The Waterproof mattress pad is waterproof. It is not a plastic feeling, crunchy sounding pad most of us are used to.  It is as natural as can be for a waterproof pad.

    Lately, many people have been buying both mattress pads. They get the Waterproof mattress pad to protect their mattress and the Urban Green for added comfort and a 2nd layer of protection.

    Bottom Line: Whether you buy it from us or not, you NEED a mattress pad. You do not want to be calling us to order a new mattress cover. 

Adjustable Bases & Split Layers

  • Can I use the Urban Green Mattress on an adjustable bed?

    Yes. People tend to think the Latex layers might shift, but they don't. Not only do they stick to each other, but the mattress cover is made so the layers fit snug inside. We have sold all sizes (10", 13", 16") for adjustable beds and the answer is the same. No problems.

  • Do you sell split mattresses?

    The term split mattress can have 2 definitions. 

    It can mean two separate mattresses, equal in size. When they are placed side by side, the width of the two will equal a standard size bed (ie King, Queen, CA King). These mattresses are used mainly on adjustable beds.
    Split King (76 x 80) Mattresses - 2 mattresses that are 38 x 80 (Twin XL)
    Split Queen (60 x 80) Mattresses - 2 mattresses that are 30 x 80
    Split CA King (72 x 84) Mattresses - 2 mattresses that are 36 x 84

    The other meaning is splitting (cut in half) Latex layers within a mattress to accommodate different comfort preferences or different weights of people.
    The answer to both is YES. We sell split mattresses and mattresses with split latex layers.

  • Is it a good idea to split the Latex layers within the mattress?

    Yes and No. It depends on the reason.

    Good Reasons:

    • I weigh 105 pounds and my husband weighs 260. I need my side softer than he does.
    • I grew up sleeping on a futon and like the mattress real firm. My wife has arthritis and needs it soft.

    Not So Good Reasons:

    • We are planning to move 3 years from now and want to make transporting this mattress as easy as possible.
    • I sleep alone right now, but I am hoping I won't be within a few years. I think he (or she) will weigh about...

    We feel that it is better not to split layers (at least not the top layer). Even though it allows you to further customize the mattress, there is a tradeoff. Any couple that wants to meet in the middle will be straddling that area where the 2 different layers come together.

    We talk to a lot of people. Here are the two extremes of what we have been told about sleeping habits:

    • "I stay on my side, he stays on his side and he better not touch me during the night."
    • "We are like one big 375 pound blob in the middle of the bed all night long."

    Bottom Line: There are times when splitting the layers makes total sense and other times it doesn't.

  • How do I order split Latex layers in your shopping cart?

    There is no additional charge for splitting layers. Even though we do not get a lot of requests, it is not uncommon to process an order with at least one split layer.

    Directions for ordering: Go through the shopping cart as if you are ordering whole layers of latex. In the comment box, let us know exactly which layers you want split. Here is an example:

    1st layer - Complete Layer Soft Talalay
    2nd layer - Medium Talalay/Firm Talalay
    3rd layer - Firm Talalay/Xtra Firm Dunlop
    4th layer - Xtra firm Dunlop/XX Dunlop


  • Urban Green Mattress - 30 Year Warranty

    Both the Talalay and Dunlop Latex inside the Urban Green Mattress carries a 30 Year (non-prorated) Warranty. We will replace any layer that loses 1/2 inch of thickness due to fatigue.

    The Urban Green Mattress cover has a 10 Year Warranty that covers workmanship and wear. This 10 year warranty is void if the customer has washed it. They are not intended to be washed. We highly recommend buying a mattress pad to protect it.

  • Warranties of other bedding products

    Urban Green Mattress Pad - 10 Years
    Waterproof Mattress Pad - 5 Years
    Latex Pillows - 5 Years

Return Policy

  • The Transition - 10/30

    Why do we ask that you sleep on the mattress 10 nights before you make the decision to exchange a layer or 30 nights before you return the mattress?  It is because, for some people, there needs to be a transition between going from a worn old mattress to a brand new comfortable one.  We have learned that most people wait years too long before they buy a new mattress.  This makes it easy and hard for us to satisfy needs. For most people, a brand new mattress is wonderful.  Anything is better than what they have been sleeping on.  For others, it is an adjustment.  A brand new mattress will feel firmer than the sinking valley they have become accustomed to for many years.  It takes time for the body to acclimate to a brand new high quality mattress.  

    Case in point, our owner:

    When Mr. Foam brought home his first foam mattress, it felt very firm to him.  He decided after 1 night that he would get a softer one.  With life being busy, he didn't get around to it and after 2 weeks he thought it felt extremely comfortable the way it was and didn't make the change.  He slept on that mattress for 17 years and then handed it down to his nephew who slept on it for 9 more years.  The point is that once his body had adapted from a chain store cheap mattress to a high quality new mattress, it felt comfortable for many years. 

  • 90 Day Comfort Exchange

    Our goal is that you buy a mattress that is comfortable. 

    If the desired comfort cannot be achieved within the first 10 nights, we ask that you first try rearranging the latex layers.  Many times the answer is right there in your mattress.  If that does not help, you are entitled to exchange one latex layer, one time. There is a window of 90 days to initiate this exchange, so you shouldn’t feel rushed.  For a deposit of $99 ($199 for Talalay or XXFirm Dunlop) we will send you a new layer and we will pay for the freight.   We will refund this deposit when we receive the exchanged layer. The customer is responsible for the freight charge back to Foam Sweet Foam. 

  • 120 Night Trial

    Because of our Mini Stack System and 90 Night Comfort Exchange, a return is rare, but it is there if you need it.  The return rate in 2016 was less than 1%.  

    Any mattress purchased from Foam Sweet Foam can be returned between Day 30 and Day 120 from the invoice date.  We will refund the exact price paid for the mattress to the person who purchased it.  You only pay for shipping it back to us.  Any accessories purchased in addition to the mattress such as the Urban Green Mattress Pad, Waterproof Mattress Pad, and pillows, are non-returnable.