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Kimberly Flanagan
Palm Desert, California
It's hard to believe that my mattress from Foam Sweet Foam is now 10 years old, because it still feels like new, and is the most comfortable bed to sleep on! I had purchased the 13" Queen, and absolutely love it! We have a need for another mattress for another bedroom, and purchased a similar set up (13" Queen, Top - MED Talalay, 2nd - MED Dunlop, 3rd - FIRM Dunlop, 4th - EXTRA FIRM Dunlop). We also ordered the foundation, and set of pillows, as we have been thrilled with continued use from our original purchase, 10 years ago. Even though it was a significant investment, I am so pleased that I didn't have to replace my original mattress after 8 years (as recommended for most mattresses), and it is still in such good condition, I think that it will last my lifetime. I HIGHLY recommend this mattress, and the excellent service that I have always received from Scott at Foam Sweet Foam! Don't hesitate -- It's worth it! No one regrets buying quality!
Fort Wayne, Indiana
My husband and I purchased a King 100% Natural Talalay Latex mattress (layers: 2 medium, 1 firm, 1 extra firm) in December 2013. We also purchased a foundation. We loved it from the first night. We noticed that the comfort level did not feel the same in December 2019. We contacted Foam Sweet Foam and followed their suggestions on how to confirm any loss of thickness. It turned out all of the latex layers were still in perfect condition and it was the foundation causing the problem. After sending the owner pictures of the problem, he immediately said that he stood behind all of his products and would send us a brand new foundation at No Charge. What wonderful customer service! The foundation arrived and we are now sleeping on a bed that feels brand new.
Janet Hastings
It’s always a crap shoot when you purchase a product with a 30yr warranty as you never know if they will still be in business or if they will really stand by their product. Service after the sale is EXTREMELY important to me and I believe Foam Sweet Foam stands by their product and really honors their warranty. I bought two three piece mattress sets with wool zippered covers, one in 2007 and another in 2008 and my sister also purchased one after I told her about the company. We had an issue with one of our latex layers and the company took care of us after providing photos. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Cindy King
Gray, GA
I love, love, love my new bed! My life is defined by before we got our new bed to after we got the new bed. My pain is virtually gone! Thank you so much!
Harrisburg, PA
We bought a mattress 12 years ago and enjoyed it immensely. When we were packing up to move recently, we noticed that two of the layers had deteriorated, and, in trying to roll up the layers to move them, pieces broke off from the rest of the mattress. We contacted Foam Sweet Foam, sent photos of the issue, and were reassured that ours was an unusual situation. They replaced the layers quickly and shipped them to us. We are sleeping soundly once again thanks to a wonderful product and a company that stands by its 30 year warranty. Thank you FSF!
Chris Strong
Fort Worth, TX
I bought a four layer king about three years ago and my wife and I still love it. Makes it hard to travel and sleep in hotel rooms though. Service was great. I was back poking around on the site thinking about buying another one for a guest room that I had to sleep in when my wife had a bad cold with a lot of coughing.
Rod Leslie
It's been around 9 years since I purchased my first Foam Sweet Foam mattress. The layered concept is different than most mattress construction, and was a bit surprising to me when first visiting their website. However it makes perfect sense, because you can determine how firm or soft you want your mattress to be. If that changes over time, you can accommodate that by changing layers and not buying an entirely new mattress. These things are awesome, and I have switched out every mattress in my house with one of these. Even my guests get to sleep on one of these. I would not buy any other mattress. On top of that, they have great customer service. They are very informative and knowledgeable about their product - they know latex.
This is my second purchase from Foam Sweet Foam. Absolutely love the quality of the Urban Green Mattress. It’s so comfortable that my family members as well as friends have purchased their products. Great, honorable company that will advise you well on the right fit for your needs. Highly recommended!
Irvine, CA
Our latex mattress we purchased in 2012 through Foam Sweet Foam is absolutely the best bed we have ever slept on. It is comfortable yet supportive, and it sleeps much cooler than memory foam or a traditional mattress. We have been similarly impressed with the latex pillows. Foam Sweet Foam's product quality and customer service is top notch, making your purchase here worth every penny!
Ina Bawaya
Albuquerque NM
We bought a 4 layer mattress with 3 layers of Dunlop and one layer of Talalay. Putting it together is a challenge at first, especially if you have a headboard and foot board as we do. It gets a bit easier if you need to take the cover off and rearrange the layers. We exchanged our top Talalay layer for a firmer layer. I have arthritis and pretty bad back pain, and I was hoping the latex mattress would help my back, but it does not seem to have helped much in that area. Nevertheless, the mattress is comfortable and we are glad we bought it. The latex pillows are nice too.

Heidi and everyone we interacted with were very helpful and professional. Changes were easy. Foam Sweet Foam is focused on excellent customer care, and I appreciate it!
Cindi Brislan
Branson, MO
Our new mattress is really nice. My side was a little soft which I got because of joint pain. They were so nice to let me exchange it for a firmer layer. The service even exceeds the comfort if possible.
Rochester, NY
With Heidi's help, we ordered a Split Cal King. Back pain is gone. I wake up pain free.
Granada Hills, CA
Our queen innerspring mattress was way beyond a reasonable replacement time, so we decided to size up to a king that would give us more room and less chance of movement disturbance for each other. After lots of research latex seemed the way to go for us and Foam Sweet Foam came out ahead in terms of value for money and lots of good recommendations. Not only that but we wanted to build our own custom bed frame/headboard/nightstands. So for us there was not just the uncertainty of a first time online mattress purchase but we also needed several questions answered as to their mattress weights and dimensions.

All our questions were promptly answered as well as the layer recommendations. It all worked out beautifully with no unfortunate surprises with the mattress order. We didn’t even need any layer swaps! Foam Sweet Foam not only provided a great mattress but also took the effort to make sure our custom bed project was a complete success!
Alamo, CA
We really appreciate the help we got as first time latex mattress buyers and the no pressure approach. I'd done a lot of research and knew we wanted to try one. Everyone was great to work with and our one split layer exchange worked out easily enough. We couldn't be happier with the adjustable base and mattresses. I have eliminated hip pain issues I had for years on our previous bed. We also saved money over any local alternative. A big thank you to you FSF!
Bob W
Valparaiso, Florida
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on our recent top layer replacement. We purchased the mattress over 10 years ago (and didn't even find the Invoice). By knowing generally when we bought it in 2008, FSF found the Invoice. We took pictures of the top layer, which had over 1/2 inch of sag, provided them and after a phone call to discuss the problem, we were sent a new Talalay top layer. Our King mattress sleeps like a brand new bed now.. You've got the best warranty around!
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