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Anna R
Altoona, PA
We have purchased 3 mattresses from Foam Sweet Foam because we love them so much! We researched a lot of companies and decided on Foam Sweet Foam because of their informative website and great reviews. The first mattress we ordered was a queen to make sure we liked it (Soft Talalay, Medium Dunlop, Firm Dunlop, and XFirm Dunlop). It is perfect! We then decided to purchase the split Cal. King for our adjustable bed: Soft Talalay, Medium Talalay, and Firm Dunlop for my side and Soft Talalay, Medium Dunlop and XFirm Dunlop for my husband's side. We had to exchange two layers and the exchanges were quick and easy and the customer service was excellent. We couldn't leave our daughter with her old mattress so we purchased a Full size mattress - Soft Talalay, Medium Talalay, and Firm Dunlop. She wanted a "sink in feeling" and this worked perfectly. I recommend purchasing their Urban Green Natural Mattress Pad. It fits great.
The best customer service I have experienced in a very long time. I asked for a recommendation on pretty unique mattress needs that I have. They responded the next morning. Then we had a call and they made a recommendation. Not only was it for something less expensive than I was going to spend, but it turned out to be absolutely perfect. They know their product. Listen to them. Mattress came exactly on time, perfect instructions to assemble it. The best mattress I have ever owned period. I can't believe how well it suits my needs and I have tried a lot of different kinds/materials. If you are in the market for memory foam type mattress, there is not a single one that can match the firmness levels of these latex foam mattresses, or that offer the layered customization. I will never go back.
Fred Kowal
Bought the California King size mattress about 10 years ago and 2 pillows. Love it and the pillow solved my neck pain and has saved me thousands dollars that was going to the chiropractor. So $99 is pretty inexpensive way to get healthy sleep. Customer service is great. A nice friendly person quickly answers the phone.
Bryceville, FL
My wife and I absolutely love this mattress, and it is refreshing to deal with a company that does what it says. The folks at Foam Sweet Foam worked with us to get the perfect comfort level. Our entire experience has been great.

Thanks Foam Sweet Foam
C. Dawes
Whidbey Island, WA
I have had a lot of trouble with mattresses in the last few years so I was very nervous about buying another one. I had lots of questions and concerns when I called "Foam Sweet Foam" but Both Heidi and Scott were so helpful and really put my mind at ease. My first arrangement of layers wasn't quite right but when I called, Scott gave me step by step instructions on how to adjust the layers and gave me the confidence that I could do it. My bed is just right now, and I am really happy with it. I think there is more to getting the right mattress than just finding the one you want. Customer service is vital and I give the staff at Foam Sweet Foam five stars for their great assistance.
Terri and Tom T.
Key Largo
We are getting ready to purchase our 3rd mattress from FSF. We bought our king 4 layer mattress 3 years ago, then one for our son, and now one for the guest room. After 3 years ours is every bit as wonderful as it was when we first got it. We literally can’t wait to get home from a trip so we can sleep in our bed. No more neck and hip aches. Yay!
Foam Sweet Foam (FSF) is an excellent mattress resource. From the prompt and professional response to my initial questions, to the FAST and free delivery, to a good nights sleep on the new bed -- every step was a pleasure thanks to the folks at FSF. I appreciate the great recommendadions for the layers and the ease of set-up (2-person job). I recommend FSF without reservation!
Seattle, WA
We always thought that if we spent more we would get more, but we got tired of a well known brand that costs $3K that became uncomfortable and developed a sink-hole - with that last mattress, it lasted only a year. So I did the research, and learned that it was all about the materials. FSF uses the best latex in the industry, and provides the ability to customize the layers and adjust. So we went ahead and ordered a 13" King, knowing that we could adjust it if necessary. It has been almost a year on our FSF mattress, and I can confirm that it is the best mattress that I have ever slept on. Now, I look forward to going to bed because it is so comfortable. Having a Talalay top layer is key for us - it's supremely comfortable to have that 'bounce' on top, and the solid Dunlap base layers below. When our daughter moves out, we will buy a FSF mattress for her. We don't want to get her one before then, because then she might never leave!
Ron Attarian
Philadelphia, PA
Absolutely fantastic experiences. From ordering, to delivery, to outstanding sleep.....bought two mattresses a few years ago and am still enjoying perfection. This is an awesome product and you have to sleep on one of these mattresses to fully understand how comfortable they are! Contacting via phone for assistance or questions is about as friendly and helpful and professional as imaginable.
Omaha, NE
My experience with Foam Sweet Foam has been great. Helpful and honest. It took a lot of research and courage to finally make the purchase (much like Lucas 12/20/17). But from the first night, it has been wonderful. Actually slept through the night and woke up pain-free! It seems this company keeps their promise--this IS a wonderful, different mattress. I tried a different arrangement of my 4 layers for one night but then switched back to the original order. FSF was right! You won't be disappointed.
James Smith
Vero Beach,FL
Our 9 year old FSF mattress needed a replacement of the top medium density layer. FSF honored their 30 year warranty and replaced it with a firm density layer which solved the problem. Try getting that kind of service from a big box store.
Southern California
We love our mattress! My wife and I have our 16" King on the Leggett and Platt adjustable base. Works great and very comfortable. We also have our older FSF Queen mattress in our guest room and continually refer family and friends to Foam Sweet Foam!
Orlando, FL
It has been 1 year now and I am feeling a little guilty for not writing a review in the beginning on the incredible customer service! It was refreshing to deal with this company. The product I purchased was a King 16" and I have NEVER been more pleased with a purchase. In fact in October we are going to purchase another 16" King for our guest bedroom just to introduce the product to our friends and family.

It is vitally important that you work with them and get the correct layers. In doing so you will afford yourself the same reaction that my wife and I have every night - "OMG I think this bed has a consciousness - I think it is loving me back".
New York
It's all true. A good mattress is a life changer. And this is a great one. We just followed the guidance of the fine person on the phone at Foam Sweet Foam and built a king mattress of 4 layers, dunlop on the bottom, talalay on the top, and the result has been unbelievably great. It was a little like wrestling an alligator to put it in the mattress cover, but it saved a lot of money and makes for a good dining out story.

We came to FSF from the website, which is both funny and totally useful. A little bit of comparative reading there, and you step off the brand name grid (where all the online brands are duking it out in the great American Mattress War) into FSF land to get a superior product at a more than competitive price.

I am a hero to my wife who's in the bed here somewhere. Maybe next time I'll get a queen.
Irvine, CA
We are truly enjoying our new Foam Sweet Foam mattress. The ability to change the four layers to meet our needs and comfort is amazing. We recently switched a medium layer for firm as our top layer and it made the mattress just right. This is not possible with one piece mattresses so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

The quality is top notch and you receive great customer service!
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