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The Latex

Certain sizes of Talalay Latex will have a glue seam because the size of the layer exceeds the size of the mold it is made in.  Water based glue is used on 3 sizes and should not be a concern. You will not feel the seam through the mattress cover.

If you absolutely do not want a glue seam and are buying one of the 3 sizes that have one, we would suggest you buy all dunlop layers. No dunlop has a glue seam.

No Glue Seams     Has Glue Seams
All Dunlop Latex   Talalay King
    Talalay CA King
Talalay Twin   Talalay Split CA King
Talalay Twin XL    
Talalay Full    
Talalay Queen    
Talalay Split King    

Yes and No. It depends on the reason.

Good Reasons:

  • I weigh 105 pounds and my husband weighs 260. I need my side softer than he does.
  • I grew up sleeping on a futon and like the mattress real firm. My wife has arthritis and needs it soft.

Not So Good Reasons:

  • We are planning to move 3 years from now and want to make transporting this mattress as easy as possible.
  • I sleep alone right now, but I am hoping I won't be within a few years. I think he (or she) will weigh about...

We feel that it is better not to split layers (at least not the top layer). Even though it allows you to further customize the mattress, there is a tradeoff. Any couple that wants to meet in the middle will be straddling that area where the 2 different layers come together.

We talk to a lot of people. Here are the two extremes of what we have been told about sleeping habits:

  • "I stay on my side, he stays on his side and he better not touch me during the night."
  • "We are like one big 375 pound blob in the middle of the bed all night long."

Bottom Line: There are times when splitting the layers makes total sense and other times it doesn't.

There is no additional charge for splitting layers. Even though we do not get a lot of requests, it is not uncommon to process an order with at least one split layer.

Directions for ordering: Go through the shopping cart as if you are ordering whole layers of latex. In the comment box, let us know exactly which layers you want split. Here is an example:

  • 1st layer - Complete Layer Soft Talalay
  • 2nd layer - Medium Talalay/Firm Talalay
  • 3rd layer - Firm Talalay/Xtra Firm Dunlop
  • 4th layer - Xtra firm Dunlop/XX Dunlop

The Mattress Cover

The Mattress


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