Mattress Information


The Latex

Below is a table of the latex specs we carry:

Manufacturing Process Talalay Dunlop
Natural Latex Content 100% 100%
Density of Soft 4.4 4.0
Density of Medium 5.0 4.7
Density of Firm 5.4 5.3
Density of Extra Firm 5.9 5.9
Density of XX Firm N/A 6.9
(Note: Density amounts can range 0.2±)
ILD of Soft 18 18
ILD of Medium 27 26
ILD of Firm 32 32
ILD of Extra Firm 38 38
ILD of XX Firm N/A 63
(Note: ILD amounts can range 2±)

The Mattress Cover

The Mattress

We agree with the stats.  The 4 layer (13") mattress is the right choice in achieving the best comfort for the price.  When we had a showroom, we had the 3 layer mattresses right across the aisle from the 4 layer mattresses.  Nearly every day, someone would ask why the 4 layer mattresses felt so much more comfortable than the equivalent 3 layer mattress.  Even though we agreed, we really didn't know the answer.  We think the more latex in a mattress, the more comfortable the bed will be.

The plush cotton/wool cover adds 1/2" of thickness to the top and 1/2" of thickness to the bottom of the mattress, thus adding an inch of thickness to the mattress.

  • 10" (3 layers) - 6 possible configurations (23% of sales)
    • People who want a somewhat firm to very firm mattress
    • People who have few or no aches or pains
    • People who are on a semi tight budget
  • 13" (4 layers) - 24 possible configurations (70% of sales)
    • People who want the most comfort in relation to the price
    • People who go to bed in pain
  • 16" (5 layers) - 120 possible configurations (7% of sales)
    • People who want the biggest and best
    • People who need a mattress to complement their beautiful bedroom set
    • People who want the very best shot at comfort


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