Return & Exchange Policy

Return Policy – Urban Green Mattress 

  • The Transition - 10/30

Why do we ask that you sleep on the mattress 10 nights before you make the decision to exchange a layer or 30 nights before you return the mattress?  It is because, for some people, there needs to be a transition between going from a worn old mattress to a new comfortable one.  We have learned that most people wait years too long before they buy a new mattress.  This makes it easy and hard for us to satisfy needs. For most people, a new mattress is wonderful.  Anything is better than what they had been sleeping on.  For others, it is an adjustment.  A new mattress will feel firmer than the sinking valley they have become accustomed to for many years.  It takes time for the body to acclimate to a new high quality mattress.

Case in point, our owner:  When our owner brought home his first foam mattress, it felt very firm.  He decided after 1 night of sleeping on it to replace it with a softer one.  With life being busy, he didn't get around to it and after 2 weeks he thought it felt extremely comfortable the way it was and kept it.  He slept on that mattress for 17 years and then handed it down to his nephew who slept on it for 9 more years.  The point: Once his body had adapted from a chain store cheap mattress to a high quality new mattress, he slept comfortably on that mattress for many years. 

  • 90 Night Comfort Exchange

Our goal is that you buy a mattress that is comfortable.  If the desired comfort cannot be achieved within the first 10 nights, we ask that you first try rearranging the latex layers.  Often the answer is right there inside your mattress.  If rearranging does not help, you are entitled to exchange one latex layer, one time. There is a window of 90 nights to initiate this exchange, so you shouldn’t feel rushed.  For a deposit of $99 ($199 for Talalay or XXFirm Dunlop) we will send you a new layer and we will pay for the freight.   We will refund this deposit when we receive the exchanged layer. The customer is responsible for the freight charge back to Foam Sweet Foam. 

  • 120 Night Trial

Because of our Mini Stack System and 90 Night Comfort Exchange, a return is rare, but it is there if you need it.  The return rate in 2016 was less than 1%.  

Any mattress purchased from Foam Sweet Foam can be returned between Day 30 and Day 120 from the invoice date.  We will refund the exact price paid for the mattress to the person who purchased it.  You only pay for shipping it back to us.  


Return Policy - Other Products 

    The following products are Non - Returnable

            Mattress Pads


            Mattress Toppers

            Adjustable Bases